ZMT Services Ltd.

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ZMT Services Ltd has been rebuilding Hardinge manual machines for over 20 years, we are very confident in our quality of work so we are happy to offer a 12 month parts and labour warranty on all work carried out.

Our Promise

No machine leaves our factory until we are 100% confident that the original perameters have been met. This is backed up with our 12 month warranty on machines provided in an 'as new' condition.


where possible we endeavor to keep our impact on the environment to a bare minimum, this includes this website which is hosted on a UK data centre with a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) rating of 1:1 when the data centre is running at full capacity. The industry average is 1:8.

In laymans terms... this means that this website is hosted on one of the most environmentally friendly servers in the country

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