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We can offer you comprehensive services for your business, all tailored to your machine on a individual and transparent basis.

Full Rebuilds

Full Rebuilds are very thorough and bring the machine up to an 'as new' condition. In order to accomplish this - they always include the following:

  • The machine is completely stripped.
  • The gearbox is stripped; all the parts are examined and replaced as necessary.
  • The headstock is stripped and new bearings fitted, the collet seat is re-cut.
  • The carriage is stripped and appearance ground, the base and dovetail is re-Tefloned, all parts inside the carriage are examined and replaced as necessary. The carriage and cross-slide are re-scraped and new gibs fitted.
  • The lubrication system is cleaned and a new upgrade pump fitted.
  • The compound slide is stripped, scraped and rebuilt.
  • The tailstock is re-bored and the spindle is hard chromed and reground to fit.
  • The bed-plate is reground and the headstock/tailstock is re-aligned.
  • New drive belts are fitted along with a refurbished v/speed pulley.
  • New motor mounting bushes and v/speed assembly bushes are fitted.
  • The power feed motor is replaced along with the main motor and coolant pump.
  • The main electrical panel is fully rebuilt and new looms are fitted.
  • The brake solenoid is replaced and a new cork is fitted.
  • The machine is spray painted with 2k epoxy paint to a high standard.
  • The machine is set to turn within .0002”

The machine is delivered with 12 months parts and labour warranty.

Top Half Rebuild

The Top Half Rebuild is the most popular rebuild, it is the same as the Full Rebuild apart from;

  • All the old electrics are used along with the motor mounting plate bushes.
  • The power feed motor is refurbished.
  • The brake is fitted with a new solenoid.

The machine leaves the factory in perfect working order. All the mechanics carry a 12 month warranty and the machine is guaranteed to turn within the Hardinge specification.

Partial Rebuilds

  • ZMT are happy to offer a partial rebuild, this is tailored to suit your budget.
  • The prior assessment can be done by phone or a visit to your company.
  • ZMT will be happy to arrange collection of your machine.

In our experience a minimum of a reground bedplate, carriage base and slide ways. Compound base and slide ways, will be needed. More often than not, there will be many more parts that will need replacing, clutch plate's clutch bearings, carriage rack and pinion, power feed motor, brake assembly to name a few.

The total cost cannot be calculated until the machine has been stripped down, however we will not replace any parts until it has been approved by you.

The turnaround is about 4 weeks depending on how much work is required.
All work carries a 12 month parts and labour warranty.

On-Site Service

ZMT Services offer competitive prices for on-site service, we always prioritise on breakdowns so you are not without your machine for too long. Having worked on Hardinge machines for the last 30 years we offer experience and speed in this department..

Service Exchange

ZMT Services Ltd are also able to offer one further unique service for clients who wish to undertake refurbishment of their lathe(s). We will obtain (if we do not already hold one in stock) on your behalf a similar machine and effect the refurbishing programme to your specification. Find out more...

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