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Whilst we freely acknowledge that technology has moved on considerably since these original designs were launched into the market place, in essence todays equivalent is not dissimilar, and basics have changed little.

So why incur unnecessary capital expenditure for the purchase of new equipment when WE can make your old machine perform to your most exacting requirements for a fraction of the cost?
You may find it difficult to believe that you can get a completely new life from the dilapidated machine which you have probably already written off not only in your books, but also in your mind – a machine that you consider to be nearing the end of its useful life, perhaps just a couple of steps away from scrap value.

Our staff are highly skilled in the manufacture of such machines, their experience gained from years of assembling these lathes. Why not let this experience coupled with todays technology turn your worn out machine tools into high precision accuracy once more. Each client or potential client is treated individually, as is each separate lathe that we revive into our workshops for refurbishment.
We recognise that each machine has been used differently and needs to be assessed accordingly Therefore, upon inspection of your machinery, we will submit detailed quotations for work necessary to achieve your requirements.

We will also at this time give you a realistic idea of how long the work will take, what needs replacement, repair, regrinding or remanufacturing. Component parts that are discarded are only replaced with genuine Hardinge parts.

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